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Technical release notes for the CCC Data Warehouse and SuperGlue

Release Notes Overview
This page provides information and link to CCC Data Warehouse releases and related services.

Release Schedule News

CCCTC announces planned releases containing new product features, bug fixes, and security patches at fixed times. Hotfixes and other technical updates may occur on an ad-hoc basis, usually based off a previous product deployment or service release.

  • Pilot and staging site releases may be deployed to all colleges or based on select participation.

  • Production releases are typically, but not always, announced systemwide to CCC staff.


<< Expand the left sidebar for 2023 release version docs.

Implementation & Support

📝 NOTE: It is important to be on the latest release as they may contain important security fixes. Contact CCCTC Enabling Services for implementation support.


Release notes contain links to related documentation. Click on a release version doc in the left sidebar.