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Date & Time


Product Release Version(s)

Student Success Suite 1.0 includes:

  • CCC MyPath 2.1.2

  • CCCApply 6.9.0

  • OpenCCC 2.0 

Pilot Release

  • New OpenCCC 2.0: Early May 2021

  • CCC MyPath 2.1.2: July 2021

  • CCCApply 6.9.0: August 2021

titleOn Track

Production Release

  • The Student Success Suite 1.0 Release will go to Production in Fall 2021.

  • This revised date is to give colleges several months lead time to update their student-facing documentation.

titleon track

Release Type

Major Release / Upgrade


Watch this page for regular updates and more information as it is made available on the upcoming release.

Release Overview

As part of the systemwide Student Success Initiative, this release is coordinated across all Student Success Suite products and services and is intended to provide a continuity and cohesion to the student onboarding experience overall.

  • Major, coordinated release to support a cohesive integration of the new OpenCCC system

  • Includes changes to individual applications and services, including CCCApply and CCC MyPath

  • Provides opportunity to implement infrastructure & modernization of deployment processes


The Student Success Suite is the CCCTC 's collection of student-facing technology solutions including CCCApply (student applications), CCC MyPath (student onboarding), and the integrated student account system, OpenCCC (student accounts).

Schedule & Timeline

  • Pilot Release (College Preview): 

    • New OpenCCC 2.0: Early May 2021

    • CCC MyPath 2.1.2: July 2021

    • CCCApply 6.9.0: August 2021

  • Production Release:  Fall 2021


Deployment schedule details will be announced soon.


Stay Informed On Release Activities: Register for an account on and set your Profile Notifications to follow the CCCTC System Alerts category posts, today.

College Pilot & UAT

Join the Student Success Suite Release User Testing!

Once the new release is pushed to Pilot in early May 2021, colleges can view and test the new student onboarding process with their branded CCCApply applications and MyPath deployments.

Formal user testing with both student and staff testers is scheduled for the week of May 10th. This user testing targets specific use cases and new features to ensure the release is ready for Production. The user testing process includes the following:

  • Self-paced testing during three designated business days

  • Testing commitment:

    • One to two hours of testing

    • Attend a 30 minute testing kickoff meeting (required)

    • Attend a 30 minute testing wrap-up meeting (required)

  • Live support for testers will be provided during business hours

We are looking for student and staff testers now! Interested in joining the testing team, or have a student or group of students interested in earning $20-$40 in Amazon incentive cards by testing the release? Contact Rick Snodgrass to add your name or recommended students' names to the list of testers:

All Changes At-A-Glance

Expand the link below for a summary breakdown of all the changes in the Spring 2021 release.

titleClick here for the breakdown....



Brief Description

College Action Required?


Changes to AllStudent SuccessSuite Applications
(see bulleted below)

  • New OpenCCC Student Account system and integrated workflows

  • New process for validating all existing OpenCCC accounts (legacy)

  • Changes to Account Info/Mailing pages layout & content in all applications

    • Integrated Previous/Other Name question

  • Changes to My Applications page layout & functionality in all applications

  • Bug fixes & infrastructure upgrades across all Student Success apps



  • OpenCCC Account System

  • New OpenCCC Account system and integrated workflows

  • New process for validating all existing OpenCCC accounts (legacy)



  • CCCApply Standard & Noncredit App

  • Removal of the old Edit Account module from the Profile page; new integration with the My Applications page

  • Moved the Social Security Number question into Standard / Noncredit applications

  • Revised the layout and format of the Parent/Guardian Information question (only appears to minors)

  • Add ability for colleges to display different Terms in the Standard and Noncredit applications



Yes* Terms


  • Changes to CCCApply Residency Logic

Standard Only: NO CHANGES made to the residency status algorithm



  • CCCApply International App

Removal of the old Edit Account module from the Profile page; new integration with the My Applications page



  • CC Promise Grant App

Removal of the old Edit Account module from the Profile page; new integration with the My Applications page



  • Changes to CC Promise Grant Logic or Data

Promise Grant Only: NO CHANGES made to the CC Promise Grant questions, logic or data fields



  • CCC MyPath

No changes other than the new look & feel to the user interface and integration of the new OpenCCC Account system



Changes to CCCApply Administrator

  • New “Application Type” setting added to the Terms module for Standard & Noncredit terms

  • Bug fixes in the CCCApply Administrator



Changes to CCCApply Report Center

New In-Progress Application Data Report in Report Center



Changes to Data Downloads or Delivery

Changes to OpenCCC Account data fields and storage
Changes to CCCApply Applications data fields and storage



Changes to User Functionality

New user flows for the OpenCCC Account Creation, Recovery, and Edit Account processes



Changes to College/User Documentation

See User Documentationsection below


Changes to College Implementation, Configuration Setup

See User Documentation section below

User Interface Redesign

In an effort to align with the latest CCCCO systemwide style guide, all Student Success Suite applications and websites have been updated to better support the student onboarding experience with a cohesive look and feel, modern mobile responsive design, and Spanish language translation.

Changes to the OpenCCC Account

The highlight of the Student Success Suite Joint Release Spring 2021 is the launch of the all new OpenCCC - the integrated student account system and federated identity initiative for all CCC systemwide technology applications. More than a mere upgrade, the new OpenCCC Account has been redesigned from top to bottom and integrated across all CCCTC systemwide technology applications. The new streamlined account creation and sign-in flow has fewer questions, more security, smarter account recovery options, and better data validation services than the legacy OpenCCC account system.


See New Features & Benefits to Users for more information.

In This Section:

New Features & Benefits to Users

The new OpenCCC Account system delivers a faster, more secure and effective centralized student account across all integrated CCCTC products and services.

  • Streamlined User Flow: Redesigned with a modern look & feel, the new “mobile first” UI design allows today’s students to create their accounts faster and easier, anytime, anywhere.

  • Increased Security: New multi-factor authentication keeps personal information and credentials secure.

  • Improved Data Validation: Better accuracy validation, and all new ReCaptcha, validation ensures student email is unique across accounts and street address is recognized as a valid USPS address.

  • Faster Account Recovery: Easy to use account recovery system uses SMS text or email preference. No more security questions!

  • Preferred Language Option:User-friendly English and Spanish translation available.

  • Improved Integration:Across Systemwide Products & Services

The CCCID and Single Sign On

titleRead More About the OpenCCC Initiative Goals

The OpenCCC Initiative, launched in 2011 to establish a federated identity initiative (single sign on) based on the implementation of one systemwide ID for every California Community Colleges student (CCCID). The initiative has provided an effective way to tie student data to outcomes and institutional improvement as students swirl among our colleges while taking advantage of a variety of new online services. These goals have not changed. The redesign of the OpenCCC student account system intends to dramatically simplify the user experience during account creation, recovery and sign in - with increased security and improved data validation.

New Account Creation & Sign In Process

Consistent with the existing OpenCCC process, multiple paths will lead users to the new account creation process. Regardless of where the user first encounters the account system, the new user interface provides buttons and/or links to begin the account creation process.

What You Need to Know:

  • The new modern interface supports a simplified user flow with fewer required questions

  • Students can use a unique email address or a mobile phone number to establish their preferred account sign in credentials.

  • Multi-factor authentication has been incorporated into account creation and recovery using a verification code.

  • A new invisible ReCaptcha tool is built in to account creation for added security and validation

  • New account matching & recovery logic is used to reduce duplicate accounts

  • Existing (legacy) OpenCCC account holders are led through a simple first-time sign-in flow to re-validate their account credentials in the new system

  • The user's language preference (English or Spanish) will persist in account creation and recovery email and text notifications

Sign In Process

The new Sign In page features a minimalist design and ultra friendly user flow.


Secure Sign In The Username field is no longer used for OpenCCC account sign in and no longer collected during account creation.

Streamlined User Interface

  • The new sleek and modern design features a simplified user flow with minimal onscreen text.

  • Easy access to Account Creation and Account Recovery links.

  • The “mobile first” user interface is designed to support a wider user demographic.

Sign In Preference

  • Updated architecture supports user preference of using either a unique email address or mobile number as their sign in credential.

  • Successful sign in access requires the preferred credential (email or mobile number) to first be verified through the Verification process during account creation or account recovery (multi-factor authentication)

Sign In for Legacy Users

  • Existing OpenCCC account holders will be required to authenticate and validate their account credentials using a one-time, user-friendly sign-in process.

  • Note: There are alternate workflows for legacy students who share the same email or mobile phone number. These alternate workflows will be detailed in a release notes update coming soon.

Create & Verify Account Process

The two-step Account Creation process includes the Create Your Account and Verify Your Account pages following user sign in.

Preferred Method of Contact: Unique Email or Mobile Number

  • Users have the option to use an email address or a mobile number as their preferred (primary) method of contact.

  • Both Email Address and Mobile Phone Number are required fields and must be unique.

  • Users can change their “preferred method of contact” at any time following account creation.

  • NOTE: Preferred Method of Contact is a new flag (data field) downloadable/deliverable to colleges.

Optional Verification Test Run

  • Users can run through a Verification test to ensure they can receive their required verification code.

Multi-Factor Authentication During Account Creation

After the user chooses a preferred method of of The user can request that the verification code be resent, or they can return to the Sign In page, from the Verify Your Account screen.

Verification Code

User receives a Verification Code by email or mobile text message immediately following Create Your Account page process in English or Spanish, depending on the user’s language preference set during the account creation or sign-in process.

  • Maximum of 3 attempts to enter valid Verification code allowed

  • If user cannot validate code within amount of allotted attempts - they are directed to contact Support.

Create Profile Pages

Following the sign in and verification process, the user is stepped through the required sections of the Account Profile, including Contact Information, Personal Information, and Credentials.

  • Contact Information: The user’s permanent address, with an option to self-identify as homeless.

  • Personal Information: The user’s legal name, preferred name, and birthdate.

  • Credentials: The user’s email, mobile phone number, and their preferred method of contact.

Account Data Field Changes

The majority of the existing OpenCCC Account data fields will continue to be collected and passed to the college.

Deprecated Data Fields

  • The Username field is no longer used in the new Account system <username>

  • The PIN Number field is no longer used in the Account System.

  • The legacy Preferred Name data fields (first, middle, last) have been simplified into one field.

  • Security Questions are no longer used in the Account creation or recovery processes.

Data Fields Moved to CCCApply

  • The Previous/Other Name fields have been moved to the new Profile page in CCCApply.

  • The Preferred Name question has been simplified to Middle & Last Name fields have been deprecated

  • The Social Security Number question and related data fields have been moved to the Profile page in CCCApply (Note: Standard & Noncredit Applications ONLY).


Important Note: Existing OpenCCC account holders will be able to easily recover their account credentials and sign in the first time they return to the system. See Legacy Account Process for details.

Account Matching & De-Duplication

  • If the system recognizes the user’s email or mobile phone number entered, the “Account Exists” page displays and with a “Recover Account” button.

  • If the user is attempting to create or recover an account using an email address or mobile number that is already associated with an existing account, the system will direct the user to recover their account credentials or create a new account.

  • The system will allow three (3) failed attempts to create or recover a user account.

New Account Recovery Process

The account recovery system has been redesigned to streamline the sign in process for students returning to CCCApply, CCC MyPath, or any of the online technology solutions.

What You Need to Know:

  • New simplified user interface offers clear instructions to existing users

  • Streamlined recovery process & password reset

  • No more required security questions

  • More options for self-serve account recovery

Recovery Flow

  • During the sign in process, if the system recognizes the user’s email or mobile phone number, the Account Exists page is displayed and the user is prompted to click the “Recover Account” button.

  • The Recover Account page is then displayed and the user is prompted to enter their Date of Birth and Last Name.

  • Once the user finishes the recovery process, the user should be forced to change their password. Only upon a successful password change will the account be recovered.

  • Once the account is recovered, user should see appropriate messaging, be auto logged in and systematically navigated to the correct place based on the URL/metadata.

Legacy OpenCCC Account Recovery Process

As of March 20, 2021, over 11 million OpenCCC accounts have been created by California Community Colleges students. With the implementation of the new account creation, matching, and recovery processes, legacy account holders will be prompted to update and verify their accounts by going through the recovery process in order to confirm unique credentials and comply with the new multi-factor authentication process. This one-time process is easy and clear to existing users. See screen shots below.


What is a Legacy OpenCCC Account?

A legacy account is a unique OpenCCC account that was created prior to the new system being launched in this release. Legacy accounts were created using a process that no longer exists, including the use of security questions and responses, usernames, and PIN numbers that are no longer used in the creation, matching, and recovery processes.

Legacy Account Recovery Process

  • On the new Sign In page, the user is prompted to enter their email address or mobile phone number.

  • If the user’s email address or mobile number is recognized by the system, the Account Exists page is displayed, directing the user to proceed through the Recover Account process.

  • During the recovery process, the user will be required to update their password.

  • Upon successful recovery and sign in, the user will be auto-directed and logged in to the application they intended to access.

The Update Password Requirement

  • Once the existing account holder attempts to sign in to the new system for the first time, they will be directed to the Update Password page, which is part of the account recovery process.


Security Note: Increased security measures have been implemented throughout the new Account creation and recovery processes. The Update Password process includes creating a password with more stringent and modern security practices. The required format is clearly specified.


24/7 Support for Students - The CCC Helpdesk provides account recovery help for students by phone at (877) 247-4836, or via the online support community.

New Edit Account Profile Process

Edit Account Profile Service

Edit Account System

  • One consolidated service for editing and storing user account information.

  • Users can access the Edit Account service from their CCCApply My Applications page(s) or from the Settings menu in the header of any CCCApply or MyPath application.

  • All Account fields can be edited.

Editable Data Fields

  • The following fields are included in the Account system. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

    • Email Address*

    • Phone Number & Type

    • Preferred Method of Contact*

    • Legal First and Middle Names

    • Legal Last Name*

    • Preferred Name

    • Permanent Address: City, State, and Zip Code*

    • No Permanent Address Homeless*

    • Birthdate*

    • Confirm Birthdate*


Watch this space for more information, FAQs, and tutorial materials about the new OpenCCC Account system and what it means for college and students.

Account Data Field Changes


A complete list of all new and deprecated Account data fields, as well as data fields that were moved from the OpenCCC Account system to the CCCApply applications, will be provided to colleges prior to the Pilot release and UAT testing activities. All data dictionaries and user documentation will be available well in advance of the release.

Changes to CCCApply Applications

A significant portion of this release will feature changes and enhancements to all CCCApply applications, as well as specific changes within individual CCCApply applications. Below is a list of the change sections.

In This Section:

Changes to All CCCApply Applications

The most significant changes being implemented to the CCCApply applications are related to the redesign and integration of the new Edit Account Profile service, including the display, review and edit functionality that ensures the user’s account information is up-to-date and accurate as it is passed to the college through the CCCApply submitted applications.

These changes include moving the ability for users to view and edit their account information from inside the CCCApply applications to the My Applications page, the redesign and renaming of the Account Information page, and adding several account fields - which were removed from the OpenCCC Account Creation process - into CCCApply.

In This Section:


The changes described in this “Changes to All CCCApply Applications” section have been implemented in every CCCApply application, including the California Colleges Promise Grant application.

What Has Not Changed?

  • First-time users will still be auto-directed to their destination application immediately following account creation

  • Returning users will still land on their My Applications page after signing in to resume or start a new CCCApply application

  • Standard & Noncredit applications will still auto-fill from the user’s most recent submitted application (if within 2 years)

  • Returning users can still resume an in-progress - or review a submitted - application from their My Applications page

  • Applicants can still set their preferred language (English or Spanish) and link out to their OpenCCC Account from the Settings menu in any CCCApply application

Changes to the Edit Account Process in CCCApply

The most significant change being implemented to the CCCApply applications is the redesign of the Edit Account system and the ability for users to review and edit their OpenCCC account information from a page within the CCCApply application(s) itself. The new implementation has removed the Review Your OpenCCC Account display and link from the Account Information page and moved the section to the My Applications page; thus asking the user to ensure their account information is current and accurate before resuming or starting a new application.


Note: Users also have access to their OpenCCC Account at any time from the Settings menu in the header of all CCCApply application pages.

Changes to the Account Information Page in CCCApply

As part of the new OpenCCC Account integration with CCCApply, the following changes to the Account Information page were made consistently across each of the CCCApply applications.


BEFORE: The Old Account Information Page

  • The Account Information page appeared in every CCCApply application, including the CCCApply International application and the CC Promise Grant application.

  • The top section of the page - known as the Review OpenCCC Account Information - displayedtheuser’s existing account information details and a link to edit their account data as needed.

  • Any edits made to their account information were stored and passed to the college with the application data at the time of submission.


AFTER: The New Profile Page

  • The previous Account Information page has been redesigned and is now called the Profilepage.

  • The Profile page will now appear in every CCCApply application, including the CC Promise Grant.

  • The Review OpenCCC Account Information section has been moved to the My Applications page.

The Previous/Other Name Fields

  • As part of the OpenCCC Account redesign, the “Previous Name” question (and all associated data fields) has been moved to the Profile page in all CCCApply applications.

  • No changes were made to the data fields or the question format, conditions, or error validations.

Changes to the My Applications Page

Consistent with the changes made to align with the new OpenCCC Edit Account system and the legacy edit account modules in CCCApply, the new My Applications page in CCCApply features the new Account Information section display and “Edit My Account” link to OpenCCC.

New My Applications Page Interface Design

  • New modern interface design and user flow, consistent with all Student Success Suite applications.

  • Settings menu includes English/Spanish language toggle and link to OpenCCC Account.

New Account Information Section & Account Integration

  • New Account Information section and data integration displays the user’s existing account information and link to the OpenCCC Edit Account system.

  • Logic added to display a user notification message if account data is older than 120 days, encouraging the user to review and update their information if needed.

Changes to the Standard & Noncredit Application

The following section describes the changes that were made specifically to the CCCApply Standard & Noncredit Applications.

In this Section:

Social Security Number Question Moves to the CCCApply Profile Page

The new Social Security Number question recently redesigned in 2020 in its legacy position in the legacy OpenCCC Account system (release 6.6.0) has been moved to the new Profile page in the CCCApply Standard & Noncredit Application (only).

Social Security Number Question Notes

  • New streamlined layout design released in 2020

  • Question moved to the new CCCApply Profile page in the Standard & Noncredit App only

  • No changes were made to onscreen text or Help language

  • SSN information from existing accounts will be auto-populated into CCCApply if available

  • No changes were made to the existing SSN data fields

  • Data fields will continue to pass to college through Standard & Noncredit App downloads/Glue


NOTE: Social Security Number information will ONLY be collected in the CCCApply Standard & Noncredit Applications.

See more Social Security Number question screenshots.

titleClick to expand

The Parent/Guardian Information Question Redesign

In response to multiple requests from colleges to improve the way CCCApply identifies the dependency status of minors in the Standard & Noncredit application, the CCCApply product team, in conjunction with the CCCApply Steering Committee and the CCC Chancellor’s Office, has revised the layout of the Parent/Guardian Information question to minimize confusion and help minors self-identify their dependency status accurately.

Changes Support More Accurate Dependency Status Data

  • The purpose of the Parent/Guardian Information question is to determine a minor student’s dependency status based on the criteria mandated by the California education code and the Student Admissions & Account Manual (SAAM) governed by the CCCCO.

  • The question layout has been redesigned but was not moved from the Profilepage.

  • The question only appears IF the applicant is Under 19 years old. This has not changed.

  • Minor changes were made to the question language under the guidance and approval of the CCC Chancellor’s Office.

New Response Option for Foster Youth Minors

  • To better support minors who are or were in foster care any time after their 13th birthday select the correct response option to determine their dependency status, a new response option was added to the <dependent_status> data field.

  • The language used for the foster youth option was approved by the CCC Chancellor’s Office and the John Burton Foundation.

Data Field Notes

  • No other changes were made to the existing data fields or the question format, conditions, or error validations.

  • The original response options didn’t change, we just flipped the format of how they are displayed:

New Layout for the Parent/Guardian Information Question


BEFORE: Old Parent/Guardian Information Layout

  • Current version layout is confusing, causing minors to select the wrong response option and thereby resulting in the wrong Dependency Status for the minor.

  • The previous order of response options has led to a high number of students to claim they are independent minors when they are actually dependent minors under the care and control of a parent or guardian.


AFTER: The New Parent/Guardian Information Layout

  • The new layout changes and the new order of the response options makes it easier for dependent students to accurately self-identify as a minor under the care and control of a parent or guardian.

  • The order of the response options (radio buttons) has been flipped, placing the option, “I have a parent or guardian”, to the first position - as the majority of minors are dependents and do have a parent or guardian.

  • The new option for foster youth minors is now prominently displayed for this demographic.

  • The language changes are more inclusive of AB540 and eligible nonresident students.

  • No changes were made to the <dependent_status> data field, display conditions, or error validations.

New Ability to Display Different Terms in the Noncredit Application

This enhancement was requested by the CCCApply Noncredit Application Sub-committee in order to allow different terms to display depending on the CCCApply application being submitted. In order to facilitate this customization, a new “App Type” configurable setting has been added to the Terms module in the CCCApply Administrator for the Standard and Noncredit Applications.

Display Different Terms in the Noncredit Application

  • Colleges can now configure CCCApply Terms to display (appear) in either the Standard Application, the Noncredit Application, or both applications using the new “Application Type” setting in the CCCApply Administrator.

  • Using the new admin setting, colleges have the ability to display unique term codes, descriptions, start & end dates, and open & close dates in their Noncredit Application.


Set Up Information: To display

Updates to the CCCApply Administrator & Report Center

This section describes the enhancements, bug fixes, and other updates completed for the CCCApply Administrator, CCCApply Report Center, and other dependent tools and services related to the CCCApply applications.

Bug Fixes & Updates to the CCCApply Administrator

In This Section:

  • New “Application Type” Setting Added to the Terms Module

  • Updates to Error Message Language for Terms & Majors Uploads

App / Section


Item Summary

Fix or Change Description

Noncredit App


Feature Enhancement

New “Application Type” Setting Added to the Terms Module

Implement Different Terms in the Noncredit Application

  • A new “Application Type” setting has been added to the Terms module for the Standard & Noncredit Application (only) to allow colleges to implement different terms in their Noncredit Application, if desired.

  • Using the Application Type setting, unique terms intended solely for the Noncredit Application could have different term codes, term descriptions, start & end dates, and open & close dates compared to their Standard Application.

  • The Application Type acts like a flag, and is not a downloadable field.

  • The new setting is designed to be backwards compatible; if the college is not using the Noncredit Application, or opts not to set up different terms for each application, do not need to do anything to prepare for this enhancement.

Important Implementation Notes

  • New and existing Terms can implement the Application Type setting manually or using the Import Terms process.

  • IF the college chooses to implement the Application Type setting for one Term, then ALL TERMS MUST BE UPDATED with the Application Type setting.

  • Colleges that are not using the Noncredit Application do NOT have to do anything (make any changes) to their existing Terms set up for CCCApply.

  • The Application Type setting is NOT implemented in the International Application.


Using the Application Type setting is OPTIONAL; the default state when the new setting is not employed - is to display all Terms in both the Standard & Noncredit Applications.

Standard App
Noncredit App
International App



Improve Error Message Language for Importing Terms & Majors

Standard App
Noncredit App
International App
Promise Grant App



Expand Allowable Row Limit for Reset Downloads and Spam Filter Utility

Increased Maximum Number of Applications that can be reset for download or retagged in the Spam Filter UI at one time has been increased from 20 to 100.

CCCApply Report Center

Bug Fix


CCCApply Admin Tools & Services

  • The CCCApply Administrator is the admin configuration tool for the CCCApply Applications and the CC Promise Grant Application. The Spam Filter UI and Reset Downloads utilities are modules in the Administrator.

  • The CCCApply Report Center is a robust, integrated business intelligence reporting tool (TIBCO/Jasper) that provides real-time data analysis and submitted application reports for all CCCApply applications, state and national schools & colleges, and other related CCCApply data sources.

Updates to CCC MyPath

New Look & Feel

Consistent with all Student Success Suite applications, CCC MyPath has completed a comprehensive user interface upgrade to streamline and support your students onboarding experience.

New OpenCCC Account Integration

Ensuring continuity across all Student Success Suite applications, the integration of the new OpenCCC Account system starts and ends with CCC MyPath


Are you ready to get started with CCC MyPath? Contact your College Relationship Manager (CRM) at CCCTC Enabling Services to schedule a demo.

Changes to Data Fields & Delivery


IMPORTANT: Colleges will be notified of all Student Success Suite data fields & delivery changes through updated data dictionaries and user documentation prior to the Pilot release in late April.

Bug Fixes & Maintenance


For bug fixes and enhancements to the CCCApply Administrator, see Bug Fixes & Updates in the CCCApply Administrator.

App / Section


Issue Description

Fix or Change Information

Required Action? Y/N

Standard / Noncredit App

Special Links & Opportunities


AB540 Tuition Exemption URL Links on the Special Links & Opportunities Page are Broken

CHANGED: To ensure these two bad (and possibly malicious) web links - that refer AB540-eligible students to more information - are immediately addressed in this release, the following solution was implemented:

  1. Remove the two links of text and links to the defunct AB540 web site;

  2. Modify the existing text to: ”You may be eligible for a special tuition waiver. Fill out and submit to your college admissions office the AB540 Tuition Exemption Request Form.”

  3. Display the current and correct link to the AB540 Tuition Exemption Request Form below the updated text.


Standard App
Noncredit App

Spanish Text


Minor Spanish Translation Errors Reported by Colleges

  1. Under the "Cuidadania/Militar" section - Space needed separating the month.

  2. Under the "Informacion demografica" section - HEMBRA is not appropriate translation, term used for animals.


  1. Space added to text.

  2. In the "Informacion demografica" section, the term HEMBRA was changed to “Femenino”.



For more information, contact College Staff Support or visit the online support community.

Implementation & Support 

To get started with adoption or deployment of any or all of the Student Success Suite technology solutions provided through the CCC Technology Center, free implementation and support services are available through the CCCTC Enabling Services division. To get started, contact your College Relationship Manager who will guide you every step of the way.  

Enabling Services

Adoption & Implementation Services


College Support Services


Support for Colleges

College Staff Support


Online Support Community


Support for Students

CCC Helpdesk

Toll Free: (877)  

Online Support Community


User Documentation

The following user documentation is revised and published as needed with each Student Success Suite application release.


COMING SOON: A comprehensive series of updated user documentation, including data dictionaries, user guides, how to guides and FAQs are currently under-construction to align with this release. Stay tuned for release announcements and links to public documentation updates.  


All Data Dictionaries and User Guides corresponding to this release are published in advance of the Pilot release at the end of April 2021.


Version / FILE



Date Published

CCCApply Standard & Noncredit Application Data Dictionary



Release 6.9.0

Pending Pilot release

CCCApply Download Client Jar File V.6.9.0



Release 6.9.0

Pending Pilot release

CCCApply Download Client User Guide 



Release 6.9.0

Pending Pilot release

CCCApply Administrator User Guide



Release 6.9.0

Pending Pilot release

CCCApply Report Center User Guide



Release 6.9.0

Pending Pilot release

2021-2022 CC Promise Grant Online Application Data Dictionary



Release 6.9.0

Pending Pilot release

CCCApply International Application Data Dictionary



Release 6.9.0

Pending Pilot release

CCC MyPath User Guide



Release 6.9.0

Pending Pilot release

OpenCCC 2.0 Account System User Specification



Release 6.9.0

Pending Pilot release

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