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The CCCApply Download Client is a platform-neutral, command-line tool used to download student application data for all three CCCApply applications and a number of fields from the OpenCCC Account, to a local computer so that it can be imported into your college's SIS. When your college implements OpenCCCApplyCCCApply, a custom Download Client is created for your college and contains all the files needed for all CCCApply applications.  


  • configure which student application data fields to retrieve

  • define the data format for the download file

  • point to the specific test or production download server

The CCC Tech Technology Center provides sample job and format definitions XML files for each application (Standard/Noncredit, CC Promise Grant (BOG Fee Waiver), and International) as a part of the Download client package. (Get copies of the Job & Format Definitions XML Templates). After configuring your properties and job and format definitions XML files you can run download jobs in your test environment and SIS to confirm the data is mapping and storing correctly in your SIS prior to downloading data from the production server. Download jobs can be set for both the application data and supplemental question responses.


When a student submits a CCCApply (Standard, Noncredit or International) or CC Promise Grant (BOG) application, their application responses are stored in the CCC Tech Center's submitted application database in two tables: submitted_application and submitted_question_response (for supplemental question responses). The submitted_application table contains the applicants' responses on their application and a number of fields from their user account at the time they submit.




CCCApply Standard & Noncredit Application

CCCApply International Application

CC Promise Grant Application (BOG Fee Waiver Application)

PILOT CCCApply Standard & Noncredit Application

PILOT CCCApply International Application

PILOT CC Promise Grant (BOG Fee Waiver) Application